You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lets get ready for summer!!!

Have you already started "preparing" your body for summer?Or you are of those lucky and non lazy people that go to the gym and fights cellulite all year around?Well, I admit,I am a lil on the lazy side now,but there was a time when I used to go and work out five days a week,but now....Summer is getting closer and closer and I am in PANIC!!!I want to get my body in shape,tone those muscles a bit and yeah get the cellulite monster under control.
That said from tomorow I am on a diet (I will make a few blog posts and show you what I eat). Anybody wants to join me on my diet journey?
Now for working out routine I was searching around to find something that will inspire me and this is what I found on YouTube:

Just look at those abs!!!Jealous :D Now I also have a Tracy Anderson work out Dvd somewhere around the house just need to find it.It is very good and I used to work out by her routine a while ago.
Cellulite - that monster and (almost) every woman's number one enemy! I am not sure if you can really get rid of it for good (if someone knows the miracle treatement feel free to let me know) but I belive if you are consistent and disciplined with the help of right diet,work out and daily use of cosmetic products you can keep it under control and minize it.
There are soooo many creams,gels,lotions and what not to help you fight it,but the key is consistent use: every day use (once or 2 times a day depending of the product),proper few minutes massage to activate the circulation and after a while you will start to see results.
Here is the right way to apply your anti-cellulite treatments:
Also there are some hand massagers that can help you along the way
Now for the cosmetic part of the fight: There are milions of products on the market and its really hard to choose,but my absolute favorite is Nivea's Goodbye Cellulite
It is a really good drugstore product,the price is good (last time I payed around 9 euros for it).It works really well,and after just a few days of use I notice a small difference in how my skin looked and felt.Ofcource the cellulite didnt just vanish in few days but the skin apeared to be more firm,more toned and with continuous use  the results will show.(This one is to be applyed twice a day).The best way is to firs prepare the skin and body with a nice scrub of your choice to activate the circulation and that way skin will absorve the product.
(This is NOT a sponsored post,nor I am obligated in any way to promote this product,it is simply my favorite and I want to share it with you)

Here are some other products that can help you:

So thats about it for today,hope any of this can be helpfull for you.Tomorow is a good day for starting my diet so I will keep you posted :)
Have you started getting ready for summer?Any advice is more then welcome :)

Love and kisses:***


  1. Ainda não comecei a "preparar-me" para p Verão.. Pelo contrário, ando mais stressada e isso faz-me comer mais doces e afins. Por isso, aceito o desafio! A partir de 2ª (pq antes tnh 2 festas!) começo com o meu plano alimentar e caminhadas de 30min =)

  2. uf uf uf... sve mi se čini da ću i ove godine preskočiti djetu :-p

  3. @Lunka: Ok,you have to eat the sweets till monday,then we are sticking to the plan!

    @Dragana Honey Dasa: Ovo proljece me skroz uhvatila panika,krajnje mi je vrijeme da pocnem "ozbiljno" radit na sebi:)

    @Nail crazy: Nema zabusavanja :) Ja sam odlucila necu ove godine kriti noge u dugackim pantalonama:D

  4. samo probusis kasiku, jedes mek ali bacis pola cizburgera u djubre.. :-) to je najlaksi nacin #samokontrola

  5. @Zorannah: Hmm...moram da priznam nije ti losa ova ova tehnika:D

  6. Ja idem na fitness od 9-og mjeseca i uz promjenu prehrane sam skinula 6 kg,ali ostalo mi je celulita.Za njega uzmem svako proljeće kremu protiv celulita od Elancyla,ta mi jedino pomogne,jako lijepo zagladi kožu :)
    A neke recepte zdrave hrane s kojom sam skinula kile imaš na mom kulinarskom blogu ;)

  7. Ja počinjem sredinom travnja - zdrava prehrana, vježba i slično :)

  8. @Nina: svakako cu skoknuti do tvog bloga po te recepte:)

    @Marina: Ja sam vec pocela sa zdravom prehranom e sad jos da pocnem vjezbat:)

  9. Eu também alinho! E, assim como a Lunka, a partir de Segunda começo a sério e vou colocar no blog as minhas dietinhas.. (preciso mesmo, até porque voltei a engordar, OMG) *Good Luck!

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